Lonely at the top

Chase Hilgenbrinck's retirement from professional sports isn't even in the same time zone as Pat Tillman's. There, I said it.

I like the idea of a T-shirt that says "I'M AWESOME", such as the one Kenny Deuchar (I think) is seen wearing in the photo. Small-minded, pettifogging irrational actors might say "What an egotistical fellow," but you're in first place, so if you got it, flaunt it. It cries out for a graphic, though.



By the way, before Salt Lake fans get too comfortable in the crow's nest, uneasy lies the head that wears the tinfoil crown of the West:

Week 2: Colorado loses to Kansas City.
Week 3: CUSA loses to Columbus.
Week 4: Colorado loses to San Jose
Week 5: Dallas loses to New England.
Week 6: Dallas ties San Jose.
Week 7: Colorado loses to Houston while Dallas loses to Salt Lake.
Week 8: Colorado actually beats Salt Lake - the next day, Dallas loses to LA, and gets their coach fired.
Week 9: Colorado loses to CUSA.
Week 10: LA loses to Toronto.
Week 11: Colorado loses to LA.
Week 12: LA beats San Jose.
Week 13: LA ties Columbus.
Week 14: LA loses to DC.
Week 15: LA (WHY WERE THE GALAXY STILL IN FIRST PLACE?!) loses to New England.
Week 16: LA and Chivas USA tied for first, face each other, and, naturally, tie.

That's a spectacular 2-12-4 record for the leader of the West, week in and week out. Doesn't look good for the Royals in Chicago this weekend, in other words.

Week 17: Salt Lake loses to or ties Chicago. There is absolutely no other possible outcome.