Players Union Says MLS "Misleading" Fans on SuperLiga

It just gets better and better between the Union and MLS.

In a statement emailed to media across the country today, the MLSPU says that MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER IS BASICALLY LYING about player compensation for winning the just-commenced SuperLiga competition.

While the league keeps telling us that the prize for the SuperLiga champion is One Million Dollars (cue Dr. Evil), that's only true if you play for, say, a Mexican team.

If one of them win, the players will divide the million bucks equally amongst themselves

But if an MLS team wins, the players will split only 15% of the prize, or a little more than five grand apiece.

MLS will keep the rest.

Just what the Union needed: more evidence that MLS is ripping the players off.

I don't know about you, but I just can't wait until the CBA negotiations in 2009.