Saturday Morning MLS

Just sort of catching up on some stuff

The Cobra Kai Dojo is picking up a replacement for Guzan from Saprissa, ACCORDING TO THE VITAMIN GUY.

It just always surprises me when MLS teams go out and pick up foreign keepers. If there's one thing the US can usually come up with, it's a GK.

Luis Arroyave is reporting that CALEN CARR IS DONE FOR THE YEAR, leaving the Fire - like pretty much everyone else in the league - a tad short up front, what with Thomas Frankowski nursing a quad and Richard Herron suffering from a concussion.

Toronto's Danny Dichio is also out with a concussion which he apparently picked up DURING THE HOME LEG OF THE WHITECAPS SERIES a week ago.

I say "apparently" because Dichio doesn't remember a thing about the game. I know someone this happened to just last year and it's spooky as all hell; you played, talked, functioned and have no idea what went on.

I'm not going to open up the "World Cup USA" can of worms today; some people seem pretty freaked out about it and their reactions are way, way over the top for a Friday night.

I just thought it was interesting that the possibility - as remote as it may be - IS STARTING TO FIND IT'S WAY INTO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA

Nobody but Sepp Blatter can tell us where any of this stands, and he's busy fighting slavery at the moment, but it's interesting that the topic may be getting some wider circulation.

I don't normally link to Ives Galarcep all that often; partly it's because he and I have had our differences in the past, and partly because - well, let's face it, he sure doesn't need any help from me drawing traffic.

But he did something I was thinking about, ie. making up a "What If?" MLS East vs. West All Star roster, as if we still used the old, more normal, format.

And since his list is roughly what mine would have looked like, I'LL JUST LINK TO HIS his and go on about my business.

I know our fair brothers North of the Border hate being reminded of this, but Mo Johnston is admitting that THE REASON DARREN HUCKERBY WOULDN'T SIGN WITH TORONTO WAS BECAUSE OF THE BMO TURF which has also scared off guys like Thomas Radzinski, who is very interested in returning to his hometown but refuses to risk his knees on that painted concrete they call a pitch.

With even the Canadian National team pitching a fit (get it? "pitching"? eat your heart out, Loney) about being scheduled there, maybe Toronto ought to stop trying to convince us it's just fine and rip the thing out.

If Montreal can grow grass, so can Southern Ontario.

As long as I'm linking to guys I never link to, HERE'S ONE FOR RIDGE MAHONEY.

He talks about the biggest competitive disadvantage MLS sides have going into Superliga games: the inability to stock up on hitters.

MLS doesn't even have enough good forwards to spread around the league for the regular season, let alone some spare ones to pick up the slack heading into the Liga schedule.

Mahoney rightly notes that guys who can regularly find the back of the net are the hardest thing to come by, and when you've got the kind of salary restrictions MLS has, you're just not going to out bid anyone.

Finally, Greg Lalas is SAYING OUT LOUD WHAT A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE BARELY DARING TO WHISPER: that maybe, just maybe, the Toronto-Chicago deal isn't ever going to happen.

And the reason is no surprise: it may be that, in the cold hard light of day, the Fire just doesn't want him that badly.

Frankly - this IS my blog after all, so I get to say this - I think Mo Johnston is being a jerk.

He has to know for a fact that nobody - not Chicago, not Toronto, not anybody else - is going to give up a hot young property for a 36 year old striker looking for what amounts to an extended farewell tour.

Oh, for sure the guy will score some goals for you, but probably not all that many and definitely not for very long.

Mo needs to lighten up, take a couple draft choices and call it a day. It's just not that big a deal.