TNF - There's always something happening, and it's usually quite loud

Seeing home games from home is something I'll have to get used to in the medium term, for reasons that - well, I ended up giving my wife a sexually transmitted parasite. I won't go into detail. I've probably said too much already.

The adjustment from attendee to viewer always gives me culture shock. For example, I'll be able to actually see what happens in the game. I know that sounds weird, but...okay, if the Riot Squad had been at Dealey Plaza? We would have screamed that JFK dove, given him a ten count, and chanted "Drag him off the street, drag him off the street, hi-ho the merry-o, drag him off the street." We probably wouldn't have done "You go down like Marilyn Monroe," because "Yellow Submarine" hadn't been written yet, but that would have been the only reason. In other words, not unbiased observers, and not the people with the best view.

This is a battle for first place, but that's nothing to be proud of. Every team in the division, had they applied themselves a little, could have made this game a battle for second place at best - even San Jose, who at least seem to try week in and week out. This isn't simply the inability of the Los Angeles teams to put together three good games in a row. No, this is parity. This is mediocrity. This is incompetence. God bless MLS? No, no, no! God DAMN MLS!

Maybe Bizarro Chivas has been saving it all up for this game, but they haven't looked good at all in recent weeks. Woo, unbeaten streak. Since losing at home to Real Salt Lake, which is six impossible things before breakfast right there, they've beaten Chicago (a team in free fall), tied New York, right now one of the worst teams in the hemisphere, and beat San Jose in the final minute. You want a cookie for shutting out the Quakes? Even the Galaxy has shut out the Earthquakes.

They won't shut out CUSA, though, especially without Sean Franklin. Eduardo Dominguez isn't scheduled to play tonight, which leaves the Galaxy with basically a laugh track for a back line. If Steve Cronin - who's actually been playing better lately - can keep them under two, then the three that the Galaxy will score should be enough. Double-check my math, though.