Kreis Gets Suspended Again

Salt Lake Royals coach Jason Kreis WILL BE ENJOYING A COUPLE OF GAMES FROM THE GRANDSTAND and Mrs. K is reportedly stocking up on hamburger Helper.

Kreis has been moaning and complaining about the officiating all season long, but honestly I can't see that it's been worse for his side than it's been for anybody else.

Back in May, I applauded him for having the stones to speak out, knowing that he was going to take a hit for it.

But frankly, when your team has as many problems as his does, after awhile it starts to sound a lot like excuse making.

The MLS office party fund doesn't need any more of your money, Jason. Why not just shut up and do your job and maybe you can save enough to buy a decent suit.

Meanwhile up in Vancouver, they've decided that THE WHITECAPS ARE "MLS READY" after playing to a 2-2 draw with Toronto FC.

Here's a clue guys: no, you're not "MLS ready". Down here, when USL sides beat MLS "B" teams in US Open Cup, they are understandably quite pleased and proud, but they don't make the mistake of believing that they're ready to kick some DC, New England, Columbus or Chicago ass.

And, frankly, saying so only makes you look like idiots.

While I was out cruising for babes - well, OK, so I was looking for video of the US Women's team win over Sweden - I ran across this vid on the US Soccer site:

It's a compilation of the "15 Best Goals" from the recent Youth Academy tournament.

And you gotta admit: some of these are really first class:


The finals are at the HDC this weekend and, although only one MLS-Affiliated academy made the cut (Columbus Crew U-18's) it's where development is headed in the USA: getting these kids the hell out of High School soccer and away from win-at-all-costs club coaches IS going to pay off, maybe sooner than we think.

If you, like me, have Time Warner as your service provider, you may want to start the complaining early and avoid the rush:

COMCAST AND COX HAVE SIGNED ON to the NBC multi-channel Olympics coverage, which is likely to mean a whole lot more soccer games.

I am still sore at TWC for refusing to pony up for ESPN2 HD prior to the World Cup two years ago. They took the position that ESPN should give it to them for free and refused to budge while everybody else handed over the money.

In fact, I think it was Comcast - someone will correct me, they always do - who literally ran a check over to Bristol Connecticut 12 hours before the matches started and the channel was literally just coming on stream in some areas as the games kicked off.

Now THAT was a company going the extra mile for their customers. That's not to say that TWC isn't going to end up with this NBC deal, but the fact that they haven't signed on as of yet is making some people just a bit nervous.

Finally apropos of nothing at all, THEY'RE GETTING READY TO NAME A SOCCER PITCH in France after Eric Cantona.

No word on whether they're planning on dubbing it "Fan Assault Stadium" but Eric is one of the All Time Great characters in World Soccer history.

If you only know him as the bearded guy in those wonderful Nike commercials from the World Cup (Live, from the heart of Germany!) then you missed out:




According to Ives Galarcep, San Jose has signed FORMER LEEDS AND MAN CITY FORWARD DARREN HUCKERBY.

The deal was completed after the Quakes compensated Toronto, who held his rights.

Apparently, Toronto has been handed the rights to every player on Earth and from now on any time an MLS side signs a player league rules demand that they send a bunch of stuff to TFC.