Blanco Melts Down - UPDATED

Fiery? Yes.

Highly competitive? Absolutely?

Intense? You bet.

But the Fire's Mr. White appears to have completely lost it last night during Chicago's US Open Cup match with DC United.

The opening salvo:


This incident, which you'll see on the right of your screen at about the 30 second mark, earned him a red card and was quickly followed by, reportedly, Blanco spitting in the fourth official's face and then headbutting a stadium official.

In short, the man appears to have lost it.

The sound that you hear right now is the collective prayers of thanks emanating from MLS Headquarters in New York in grateful appreciation for the fact that thisF all happened in Open Cup competition and is thus USSF's problem, not theirs.

UPDATE: The indispensable Steven Goff at the WaPo DUG UP SOME DETAILS of the Blanco incident.

Most interestingly, Goff reports that MLS has requested tape of the game, which will be supplied.

Apparently the theory that this is strictly an Open Cup matter may have been a bit premature.