You read something like this, and of course, you immediately think it's just Jason Kreis running off at the mouth again like there's money in it:

This from the man who employs Dema Kovalenko. The man with the only unbeaten home record in the West, with a squad that would be flattered by the term "average," thinks he plays away every week.

Plus, unless John Coon really, really blew the story (and credit to MLSnet for publishing such an unkind series of quotes against the league), Kreis is arguing that more time should have been added...with Real Salt Lake a man down. So, if Houston had scored after 4:30, that would have satisfied him?

So it pains me to say that Kreis has a point.

Not on the stoppage time thing, he's just insane. And not really on the complaints about violence in the penalty area - it may be a few years before anyone confuses Jamison Olave with Lilian Thuram.

But, Wingert's foul wasn't any worse than what the Dynamo were doing to Javier Morales all game - a big part of the reason the game did end up scoreless. Dwayne De Rosario and Corey Ashe's reactions seemed a lot more cardworthy than Wingert's...and since Wingert was sporting a big torn shirt after the fracas, he really seemed more sinned against that sinning. No way Houston should have finished the game with eleven men. (Not that it helped - they may need to start twelve the way things have been going for them.)

Anyway, let's give you one huge wall of text, and cover today's holiday games really quick. It's fun to see which teams have their own stadiums (Los Angeles, Colorado, Dallas), and which teams play in cities that have otherwise overwhelming Fourth of July traditions with which soccer cannot compete (Chicago, and I imagine Foxboro has something, they are in New England, they take the late rebellion against good King George fairly seriously up there).

They're wasting this game on the Fourth? This used to be a fairly interesting little Tornado Alley rivalry. Moving City to the Tough Division probably took some of the spice out of it. "Come for the fireworks despite the soccer" is probably the slogan here, because, WOW are these teams in trouble. The same kind of desperation that made last night's game into an angry slogfest should kick in here. Literally the only thing that ticks this game on the radar is Josh Wolff's return. Columbus can't have Pat Noonan, Chicago can't have Big Mac, but 1860 Munich's biggest star since Seth George can dictate terms. It's not actually funny to predict injuries, by the way, so all of you who are predicting Wolff rediscovers his MLS form, and goes down in the third minute with a season-ending injury, should be very ashamed of yourselves. You know who you are. 0-0.

"Hi, for a few minutes in April it looked like we were serious contenders. Now we've been stinking up the league, and our fans are up in arms." "Really? Us too! Wanna kick the ball around a little?" 0-0.

Perfect symbolism! The Revolution against the most famous English guy in the league, if not the world...and on Independence Day! That's almost as easy as pointing out how godawful the Galaxy defense is. Revolution, 3-1.