"How Come I Have to be Mr. Pink?"

So much going on, so little time:

The US Women's Soccer team took Norway apart at the seams yesterday, winning 4-0 in a country where they've never won before, getting the goals from four different players.

The women look ready to do some damage at the Olympics.

While we're on the subject, here's a great look at the US WOMEN'S TEAM that Pia Sundhage is taking to Beijing by the increasingly indispensable Lindsey Dolich.

I know most of you don't follow the ladies too closely - to each his own and all that - but when you feel like checking in and seeing what's up, Dolich is where to go. She's currently doing some of the best soccer writing - regardless of gender - in the US today.

Of course, our own Beau Dure isn't too bad with a keyboard either, and he has AN INTERESTING NOTE ABOUT CLETUS working out with the Gals, along with some germane comments regarding the Revs remarkable ability to overcome.

Maybe that Nicol guy can make it in this business. And maybe someday soon Paul Mariner will get the shot he deserves, which will be sad news for NE fans but - I'm willing to wager - a smart move for whoever hires him.

As for Mathis, perhaps Gullit can convert him into a defender and keep him around - Lord knows he couldn't be much worse than what they're currently running out there.

A funny thing happened to Toronto FC on their waltz to the CONCACAF Champions league: THE WHITECAPS DUMPED THEM ON THEIR ASS.

It's bad enough that they had to phony up this "Canadian Champions League" which consists of three teams who are "Champions" of absolutely nothing competing for the right to call themselves "Champions!" and thus play in the "Champions League" against actual "Champions".

But when Toronto, who are being handed a free spot in the CL on a silver platter so that CONCACAF can sell some Canadian TV rights, don't hold up their end of the bargain, it's embarrassing.

Unfortunately, with three MLS team losing their Lamer Hunt US Open Cup games, there's plenty of face-egg to go around these days.

With Chivas USA, Red Bull NY, and Houston all losing and both Dallas and KC barely scraping by, MLS really needs to consider some roster relief.

While teams all over the world use a mostly "B" lineup in early round Cup matches, the dropoff between them and the first eleven isn't nearly as radical as it is over here. So when an MLS team sends out the bench, what we get is essentially NCAA soccer played by a bunch of guys making $12k a year.

Heck, if nothing else they're probably undernourished.

If you get a few minutes this morning, check out the "Make a Wish" piece on Sportscenter.

A 14 year old kid in Houston wanted to meet Cuahotomec Blanco, and both the Dynamo and the Fire did it up brown, with Chicago going so far as to give him a regular locker (next to Blanco's) and the fire plug himself doing a kickaround with the kid.

typically sappy music and cheap pathos aside, it's a cool couple of minutes and, since the kid himself seems as cheerful and tough as can be, maybe the saddest part of it all is that this 14 year old who just had a tumor taken out of his head has better ball skills than 80% of the players MLS currently has on salary.