Another MLS Head Scratcher

It's no wonder people from other countries and other leagues have such a hard time comprehending the mysterious ways of Major League Soccer; those of us who have been following the league closely since 1996 often have the same problem.


Essentially, former Revolution hitter Pat Noonan wants to come back to MLS but isn't interested - for whatever reason - in going back to New England.

No problem though: the Columbus Crew is interested in the guy.

Over the last week the Crew has cut two guys (Nico Hernandez, who wants to go back to Argentina anyway, and Brazilian forward Guillthelme So) in what everyone recognized was an effort to clear some salary cap and roster space.

Reportedly, New England and the Crew have come to an agreement on a trade for Noonan's rights (he left on a free so the Revs still hold them). Furthermore, Noonan and the Crew have come to a salary agreement, and the Crew has reached an agreement on his transfer fee.

So everything's rosy, right? Welcome back to MLS, Pat Noonan.

Not so fast, Buckaroo: it seems that the guys in New York feel that the Crew has offered Noonan too much money and they have vetoed the deal.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Some of us were not aware that the league was in the business of saving teams from making what they think are bad deals. If so, I can think of a number of them that they should have nipped in the bud.

Of course, this being MLS, we'll never get an explanation of what happened. Just add it to the list of things we were never meant to understand.