Where on Earth Does MLS Find These Guys?

You just have to hand it to MLS:

Year after year, probably the biggest on-field problem they have - in other words, the biggest problem with their product - is the bewildering, stupefying and inexplicable officiating.

One week your team plays under a referee whose philosophy is "no autopsy, no foul", and the next week you play under some card-happy geek who spends all 90 minutes running around waving plastic at anything that moves.

Which brings us to Andrew Chapin, the referee for last night's abysmal San Jose- Chicago match, where said official showed yellow to seven players, three beer vendors and a corner flag.

In case you missed it, here's a littany of Mr. Chapin's bookings:

The first, on John Thorrigton, seemed a lot more like clumsiness than malice, but it's the closest he came to getting it right all night:

Chapin felt so good about it that, less than a minute later, he gave one to Corrales for God knows what:

Four minutes later, his card wallet begiing to cool down, Chapin punished this brutal assault by Kelly Gray:

With halftime approaching, apparently Chapin wanted to send everyone in with a message: unfortunately, the message was "I'm a loon"

Twelve minutes into the second half, Chapin again reached for the plastic, this time for this merciless beat down by Eric Denton:

With the end of the match mercifully approaching, Chapin decided that Brandon Prideax needed a lesson in what happens to thugs:

Where on Earth do they find these clowns? There are fat 40 year old Dads working U11's on Saturday morning who aren't this thick.

If this guy ever works an MLS game again, Joe Machnik needs to be taken out and shot.

Oh, by the way, the game ended in a 0-0 tie, which seemed apopos, seeing as how the referee was a complete zero.