Fair is Fair and Giving Dan a Hand, not a Finger

Judging by what we saw, perhaps the fact that the WNBA gave the Dallas-Houston match a good, swift Heidi was a good thing, since we were only subjected to 45 minutes of atrociousness instead of a full 90.

Be that as it may, since, as was pointed out by an alert correspondent the players weren't the only ones embarrassing themselves during the course of the half we were treated to, I herewith - in the interests of equity and fair play - give you an example of Referee Kevin Stott's performance; in this case, about as clear-cut a red card as you'll ever see:

Except of course, to Stott, cutting down an attacker from behind when he has a clear run to the goal does NOT fulfill the "obvious goal scoring opportunity" clause of the LOTG.

How can Stott get this call so obviously wrong? It's mind boggling.

What's more, this blatant chop down of Holden followed by less than ten minutes another cheap chop down of Holden, this one courtesy of serial hack artist Adrian Serioux:

When Holden's career - and Robbie Roger's, and a host of others - is prematurely ended due to this kind of game-long beating week in and week out, itwill be another proud day for MLS.

And not that Dan needs my help but when I was searching around for a better shot of the foul on Holden I stumbled across this clip of Chris Klein welcoming that spectator to the pitch with a big old "HOWDY"

First though, another proud moment in MLS history, with the signally undertalented Facundo Erpen giving Alan Gordon a swift kick in the junk.

Personally, I think there eought to be a "He tried to punt my nuts" exception to the "no retaliation" rule.

You be the judge:

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