Worthless Punks MLS Needs to Toss Overboard, Volume 1

OK, here's something MLS has had enough of:

Marcelo Saragosa.

Acquired by Dallas from the Galaxy for the princely sum of a fourth round supplemental draft choice, this cheezy punk is a public embarrassment and if MLS is really serious about having some credibility then they've got to come down on him like a ton of bricks.

In case you missed it, here was the high point of his play last night against Houston:

(Unfortunately, this video is from far away and MLS had the good sense not to provide the slo-mo closeup that we saw during the live broadcast.)

Basically, there was DeRosario carrying the ball and Saragosa was a couple feet behind him with not one but two handfuls if DeRo's shirt.

DeRosario looked like a plow horse, pulling this clown across the field.

Finally, just as Saragosa decides he can't possibly do this any longer and lets go, Moron-in-Chief Kevin Stott sees fit to blow his whistle.

Play stops. Saragosa is three or four feet away from the nearest human being.

Then, suddenly, Saragosa crumples to the ground as if he's been shot. Literally.

No one touched him. There was not even a hint of contact, or contact you could say he was "embellishing" or "selling". Just this jerk flopping to the ground with a half acre of grass surrounding him.

DeRosario, who's been putting up with this punk for 70 minutes, is furious at this act and, as you'll see, ends up getting a card for his troubles.

This is beyond simulation. It's simply embarrassing and frankly, this sort of absurd, mind-numbingly ridiculous performance needs to be sanctioned by the league.