TNF - Table for Two

Why hasn't someone started the thread about how if the season ended today, Houston would make the playoffs with the league's ninth best record, behind the sixth place team in the East, and thus we need a single table?

I had forgotten until looking on MLSnet that not only is this already the final game of the in the Come and Take It Cup (cup, howitzer, same thing - it IS Texas, after all, I'm sure you can order a howitzer of tea), it's also the tiebreaker game, thanks to all the sister-kissing that's been going on down there so far this year. Head-to-head tiebreakers are non-trivial things in the modern playoff picture, especially since there's going to be little separation in the West between first and, oh, sixth or seventh. As John Prine put it, it ain't such a long drop from the diamonds in the sidewalk to the dirt in the gutter.

All frippery aside, I hate FC's chances in this game, just hate them. Hyndman seems to have hit the ground like Wile E. Coyote, if one game is anything to go by. Dallas is averaging about a win a month, and thanks to the Brimstone Cup, they've already had theirs for June. Houston, meanwhile, has followed up their winless April by going 4-2-3 - dazzling by Western standards. Dallas' main hope is that Houston seems to have hit another rough patch, what with not scoring in two weeks or so. Since said rough patch more or less coincided with the Dynamos missing Onstad, DeRosario and Ching, I think Houston is just about due for a full recovery. Dynamo, 2-0.