MLS TNF: Black and White

There were TWO MLS games last night? Oops. I mean, these games are going to be important down the road. New England needs those points for the Shield. Salt Lake needs those points for the playoffs. Okay, as of right now New York and San Jose have "We're boycotting this year's playoffs for humanitarian reasons" written all over them, but it's MLS! Anything can happen!

Well, I knew about tonight's game, at least.

Tonight is one of the potential roadblocks facing the task of making sure Legion 1908 - "If We Can't Do Crimes While At Games, What's The Point of Going?" - can somehow manage to squeak through the season without putting the Home Depot Center in the same sentence as Heysel and Hillsborough.

The presence of the world's most passionate fan group was pretty much a couple of rows of red and white plastic against Salt Lake, but I'm sure given the chance to run amok against Club America fans, and Mexico national team fans, and other Chivas USA fans, they'll sink to the occasion.

Shawn Hunter's sales wizardry is showing, though - using the same ad campaign as last year, only this season the seats are cheaper. Oh, and that ad campaign features a poster reading "Wanted: Cuau," so I guess pandering to the sociopaths is still Plan A. Hopefully the money they saved doesn't end up in the pockets of the lawyer of the victim's family.

I hate Bizarro Chivas so much, I'm reduced to cheering for Cootiemac Effin' Blanco, a guy who has a long-term lease on the penthouse of my "People Who I Could Watch Bleed to Death" list.