Les Miserables

As if Euro 2008 has not provided enough public embarrassment for the French, a tape has surfaced showing the arrival of the France team bus at the stadium for the Italy match.

Although there's absolutely no truth to the rumor that France coach Raymond Domenech was driving at the time, the bus reportedly took out a "No Parking" sign, part of a protective barrier and, obviously, the front grill of a white Peugeot saloon.


They obviously should have taken this as an omen, but foolishly went ahead and played the match anyway.

Incredibly, after his teams' dismal performance which crushed the hopes of an entire nation, Domenech, when asked in the post-game media conference whether he was going to resign, responded by proposing to French TV personality Estelle Denis, adding:

'I have only one project, which is to marry Estelle. I told myself there are beautiful things in life. It's good to tell someone that you love her.'

While Mmslle Denis is unquestionably fetching - though perhaps suffering from poor eyesight - much of the French press feels that might not have been the topic he should have been addressing at that particular moment.

DOMENECH IS ADMITTING IN INTERVIEWS TODAY that it was probably a mistake to take that particular opportunity to propose marriage to someone.

Go figure.