UEFA Isn't Backing Down and Swiss TV Needs a History Lesson

UEFA continues to stand by their man, in this case embattled Swedish referee Peter Frojdfeldt, in the most visible way they can: he's been given the whistle for Thursday's match between Portugal and Germany.

Frojdfeldt is the referee who ruled Rudd van Nistelroy's goal onside as an Italian defender lay helpless beyond the endline.

Roberto Rosetti of Italy will referee Friday's quarterfinal match between Croatia and Turkey. He previously did Czech Republic-Switzerland and Russia-Greece.

No word however on future assignments for English referee Howard Webb, who gave Austria the late PK against Poland.

Fortunately, however, WEBB CAN LOOK FORWARD TO A NEW ADDRESS as "irate Polish fans" have offered Polish citizenship to the embattled Brit: that way, he can never work a Poland game again.

Bosnian Police are beefing up their forces in anticipation of CLASHES BETWEEN CROATIAN AND TURKISH FANS in conjunction with Friday's match.

Reportedly, fan groups have already made arrangements - very civilized of them I'd say - to meet and greet in the streets of several cities in the region.

Sepp Blatter and Jack Warner have something else in common today besides bloated bank accounts: they're both seriously ticked off at their countries' national team coach.

Warner is reportedly furious at Colombian T&T Manager Francisco Maturana after the Soca Warrirors' shocking loss on Sunday to soccer minnow Bemuda. and had him in for somewhat unpleasant job review yesterday.

Meanwhile, FIFA Supremo and Swiss native Sepp Blatter is PUBLICY ROASTING SWITZERLAND COACH Koebi Kuhn, saying that he himself had suggesting the coach be fired after Euro 2006 and commenting that Kuhn may be a good youth coach but he's not up to Switzerland - and Blatter's - high standards.

In line with our new "All Hitler All the Time theme (thus keeping up with the History Channel) comes word that a couple of young Swiss technicians RAN THE SUBTITLES FOR THE NAZI NATIONAL ANTHEM during the Austria-Germany pregame ceremonies.

The Germans have dropped, and essentially outlawed, the first verse of the anthem, 'das Deutschlandlied' which was used during the Third Reich and sung as Deutschland uber alles.', which lyrics outlined the need for them to take their less enlightened neighbors under their protective wing.

Someone better notify that whackjob bunch who think the Columbus Crew is just a front for the heirs of Reinhard Heydrich: if they start now they can have badly Photoshopped "evidence" of a conspiracy up by noon tomorrow.

Big Phil has a message for Chelsea: HE THINKS THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT FOR HIM a while longer.

Scolari will start his original first XI against Germany tomorrow and expects his Portugal team will continue to delay his departure for England.

At least Scolari will be there in the flesh, which is more than German coach Joachim Loew can say: HE'S BEEN GIVEN A ONE GAME BAN BY UEFA for a reported "altercation" with the officials after the Austria-Germany match.