Mexico wins -- everybody panics

USA hangs 8, honduras puts up 4, guatemala scores a half dozen, and even the reggae boyz scored a touchdown. Surely Mexico would eclipse them all in their "away" game vs. Belize. After all, they hit double digits when they opened qualifying in 2004 against Dominica. So how many did they get? Who scored a double hat trick in Houston?

2-0? Is that a misprint? Shouldn't there be a 1 in front of that? Whaaa?

That's right. How dare the Belizeans have the nerve to actually play a little defense vs. Mighty Mexico? How could Mexico go a full hour into the match without hitting the back of the net? Whom did Mexico think they were playing? Bermuda?

The Mexican press, who enjoy Mexico's poor results much more than the good ones (they don't have anything to complain about), had a field day ripping the Mexican team. A terrible performance. Did youi see all the goals the other teams scored? Mexico could only muster 2 -- 2?

Interim coach Chucho Ramirez was given the task of getting Mexico to the next round of qualifying. Considering that the risk for outweighed the reward in this two game playoff, you can't blame Chucho for playing it very close to the vest. After all, it would be a little tough to pay the incoming guy a seven figure salary if all he had to play for was the 2009 gold cup.

Should Mexico have scored more goals? Probably. But I do think that mexico's inability to score was also due to Belize playing a very disciplined defense. They never broke ranks, and they can be proud this morning.

As for Mexico, it's not the end of the world. But they undoubtedly have to play better, and they will. Chucho is there to make sure they have a reason. No more, no less.