SuperBonus Euro 2008 Early Line

Due to poular demand - well, OK, so one guy mentioned it - herewith, "For Entertainment Purposes Only - Not to be Used for Gambling" are the ISFA survey Best Available Odds for the next few days' Euro 2008 Matches.


Sweden - Spain 6.60/3.85/1.70

Greece-Russia 3.68/3.45/2.38


Switzerland - Portugal 3.40/3.50/2.40

Turkey - Czech Republic 3.70/3.20/2.40


Austria - Germany 12.00/5.00/1.45

Poland - Croatia - 2.48/3.65/3.15


Holland - Romania 3.35/4.00/2.21

France - Italy 2.88/4.00/2.50


Greece - Spain 5.70/3.80/1.83

For a very brave person, a few bucks on Austria beating Germany - well it COULD happen - will serve to ease the price of gas situation pretty nicely, while Sweden over Spain could at least get you a night on the town.

What's more likely of course is that those games will pay for some bookmaker's gas and/or evening at a "Gentleman's Club" but nothing ventured nothing thrown down the toilet, eh?