John Harkes is crazy (Dynomutts-Revolution R)

Do I need to start a separate "John Harkes is crazy" category? If it keeps up, I guess I will.

I actually did get home in time to watch the second half of Houston-New England. I thought Houston was going to come back in this one, I really did. Here are the only things I took away:

1. I don't know if any other MLS supporters group has a trumpeter. Another of my preconceptions was shattered, because I always associate a trumpeter with England games. The Houston guy was better than the England guy, but his tune was simpler than "Great Escape," so there you go. I'm sure it was a famous and legendary supporters tune that he was leading, but it sounded to my ears like a slower version of Paul McCartney's "Coming Up."

2. Did Harkes not see Eddie Robinson put his knee in the small of Dube's back? I don't know if Dube was embellishing, but he certainly wasn't making it up out of thin air. That looked like it hurt.

3. Harkes on the penalty call: "He got all ball!"
Harkes on the JFK assassination: "Oswald couldn't have done it! The first bullet missed completely!"

4. The Dube abides. (I'm sure Revolution fans beat me to that one.)

5. I hope people caught that little "You ready to go?" look Matt Reis gave to Stuart Holden on the penalty. There's a backstory, of course - it was Holden's penalty that won Houston its first MLS Cup in the shootout, and naturally Reis was the keeper. Without asking Reis - and pointed questions to a big, sarcastic athlete aren't necessarily my forte - I'm guessing that Reis now knows the hard way Holden's tendencies on penalty kicks. Reis won this round, and the game, but laughing last isn't always laughing best.