Blood on the Turks (yesterday Euro R)

nut-punch-u-lar - adj. Having the qualities, characteristics or effects of a good solid punch direct to the potato bag.

"Did you see Turan's goal? Talk about a cricket bat to the clitoris."
"You speak with straight tongue. That goal was totally nutpunchular, Brocephus."

Switzerland-Turkey was just ridiculously poetic. The rain, the blood, the desperation - pretty good for the "Meh, I taped it, might as well watch it" game of the day.

The story of the day was nearly about the heart and passion Switzerland showed, coming back after their best player went out for the duration in game one. Even a draw would have at least given a "Okay, they're pretty much screwed, but what an inspiring performance, and who knows, maybe they'll get a miracle against Portugal." Now? First team out. Nutpunchular.

I'm tempted to jump on the Turkish bandwagon now, but I still think the Czechs will handle them. That's a reasonably stupid thing to say, given how easily Portugal ended up carving them into bite-sized pieces. The Czechs lost confidence after the artless Deco goal, since they were after all playing much better early on. They got the equalizer, and then seemingly decided to avoid making any more mistakes.

Nearly worked. Cristiano Ronaldo did have a lot of space on his goal, but look back on how fast Grygera (I think it was Grygera) closed down on him. Okay, ignore a little thing like how Cristiano scored anyway. Ronaldo went from being pretty much alone to clattered down in a blink of an eye - and that was the sort of speed the Czechs showed on a screw-up. I think that's going to be good enough to beat Turkey. And I've never, ever been wrong about anything, ever.

Perfect results for Portugal. They can give the second team some air time against a team that has nothing to play for, with only the slightest risk of facing the other group winner. I don't think it's worth Portugal going the extra mile simply for the sake of avoiding Germany - you play who you play. A day of rest where nearly every other contender will have to sweat is worth it - and teams who believe themselves tournament favorites shouldn't avoid teams anyway, so there.

You know, we're almost to the point where when you say "Ronaldo" and you think of the Portuguese guy with the hair and the club medals, rather than the bald Brazilian with the international success. Or the other Brazilian who had both club and country success before disappearing off the face of the earth.