Still Not Getting Enough Footie?

It's a wonderful time to be a soccer fan. Wall-to-wall MLS from Wednesday through Sunday. US National team vs. Argentina. EURO 2008 all day long.

It's an embarrassment of riches, to be sure.

And for those of you who, like many of my friends, don't think soccer is making much progress in the US, there are a bunch of us who can recall the time -not exactly eons ago - when if there was some soccer game or other on TV once a month you were thrilled.

Still, sitting there at work wishing you were home watching soccer can be a real bummer. But never fear: I am on the job.

Therefore, here for your listening and viewing pleasure, is Sunday's USA/Panama Bronze Medal match in the CONCACAF Futsal Championships, where the USA earned a trip a trip to the Futsal World Cup.

First half:


Second half:


Participants: U.S. National Futsal Team vs Panama
Competition: CONCACAF Futsal Championships 2008
Location: Domo Polideportivo, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Date: June 8, 2008

1st 2nd Final
PAN 0 1 1
USA 2 5 7

Scoring Summary:
USA — Pat Morris, 7th minute
USA — Andy Rosenband, 19.
USA — Matthew Stewart, 24.
USA — Matthew Stewart, 29.
USA — Jamar Beasley, 36.
USA — Matthew Stewart, 38
PAN — Alfredo Phillips, 38
USA — Pat Morris, 38.

USA: 3-Jamar Beasley, 5-Denison Cabral,, 9-Pat Morris, 11-Matthew Stewart, 12-Jeff Richey
Subs used: 4-Mike Apple, 6-Andy Rosenband, 8-Chile Farias, 10-Sandre Naumoski.
Did not play: 1-Nick Vorberg
Not available: 2-Dan DeGeer, 7-Ptah Myers
Head coach: Keith Tozer.

PAN: 4-Augusto Harrison, 5-Alfredo Phillips, 6-Juan Murillo, 10-Apolinar Galvez, 12-Oscar McFarlane.
Subs used: 2-Chamiyr Toyloy, 3-Oscar Hinks, 8-Gilberto Rangel, 9-Miguel Lasso, 11-Alquis Alvarado.
Not available 1-Jose Victoria, 7-Aramis Haywood.
Head coach: Poriforio Rebolledo

Misconduct summary
USA - Beasley (Caution), 17th minute.
PAN - McFarlane (Caution), 32nd.
USA - Apple (Caution), 32nd.
PAN - Toyloy (Caution), 34th.
USA - Rosenband (Ejection), 36th.
PAN - McFarlane (Ejection), 38th.

Referee: Carlos Del Cid (GUA)
Second referee: Antonio Alvarez (CUB)
Third referee: Nelson Norales (GUA)
Timekeeper: Eduardo Hernandez (MEX)