Complete Euro update through Sunday

Austria stinks. Switzerland is meat. In both Group A and Group B, the leaders meet in the second game, so we can't really call time of death for Turkey and Poland until the third game, but still.

Well, that was easy. I was going to say that Germany got through the rivalry game with flying colors...but every game for Germany is a rivalry game. (If ever a nation is saying "Okay, next war we get to be the good guys.") By the way, if I was one of the ones who got hurt, I'd be a little frosted that UEFA is playing down reports of injuries. If I'm going to get my head dented by some tattooed German nostalgia buff, the least I could do is get in the papers for my trouble.

I think today was the first group that people were really going to pay attention. I'm assuming that Italy without Cannavaro is highly vulnerable, but ever since Ruud van Nistelrooy died Holland hasn't been the same. Our old friend Roberto Donadoni is in charge of Italy, so perhaps that will temper some of the colossal hate this team engenders. (If ever a nation is saying "Okay, next tournament we get to be the good guys.")

I love France. Just adore them. So many all-time legends whose names will live on through the ages. Plus, every time they win, racists throughout Europe are discomfited. And yet, they're really old, and the last time they entered a tournament without (EDIT - I meant without. Heh) Zidane, they only decided to play three games. And a whole bunch of those guys were around for that. Besides, do you want to bet on Nicolas Anelka coming through in the clutch? Didn't think so.