No, they really are the Red Stars.


Give me a minute to steal the actual logo, because I think it's terrific. I think I'll steal it from Kenn. If he minds, I'll take the extra two seconds to host it myself. God, blogging is such HARD WORK.

Here you go:

When someone complains that the City Name Plural Noun model of team nicknames is played out - and I can't go a day without hearing someone complain about just that - just show them this. That's a classy logo.

This may seem to be a recurring theme in Mr. Wilt's work, or else simply a more or less recurring theme in modern MLS - but there is no indication of what the Red Stars play, or even if they're actually a team or something. Which is an honored tradition in symbolic design. Nike's logo is a swoosh, not a sweatshop.

I also like how the lettering on the team name hearkens back to this:

But maybe that's because the words in perfect rectangle set-up also reminds me of Pablo Ferro's title sequences for "Dr. Strangelove" and "Stop Making Sense."

So, some WPS teams are off to a terrific start. I'm still waiting to hear from Captain No Follow-Up on AEG's plans for the Home Depot Center team.