This week's menu of MLS soccer was supposed to offer us the almost unheard of spectacle of five days in a row with league games.

Making it even more special was that the Sunday game is not on Telefutura, meaning that a real glutton - or someone without a woman or anything remotely resembling a life - could actually watch MLS games on five consecutive days.

Unfortunately, someone decided to stage a reenactment of the Johnstown Flood in DC last night and and another rare occurrence happened:

The postponement of an MLS game due to inclement weather.

Oddly, in MLS this sort of thing occurs almost exclusively at RFK; we all remember the Famous Shrinking All Star Game in 2002 where ABC needed the rain-delayed match to end on time, and I think it was a year or two previous to that when the RFK lights went on the fritz and the game was called early.

In any case, we'll now have to wait until tonight to kick off the MLS week, with suddenly on-fire Chivas USA taking on an Altidore-free RedBulls side.

And am I the only one who's thinking that, all things considered, Osorio secretly wishes he'd stayed in Chicago?

Can someone explain to me - I'm serious about this why it is that Venezuela is playing Brazil in Foxboro tomorrow night?

I suspect that Daniel and/or Jeff will have some things to say about US-Spain yesterday but for me the less said the better.

When Freddy Adu and Frankie Hejduk look like the two best Americans on the field, and when Oguchi Onyewu and Michael Bradley were probably the worst, it's clear that some things need to get sorted out for the US and last week wasn't too soon.

If it was anyone but Barbados coming up in two weeks, I'd be getting very nervous. Fortunately there's still time to find some answers.

But time IS running short, and it just doesn't appear like Bradley has anything remotely like either a set lineup or a consistent style of play that the team is buying in to.

And frankly, it doesn't look to me like he's particularly close to the right personnel, either. If we ever see Josh Wolff in a USA shirt again, I'm rooting for the other guys.