New England Acquires Phelan; Altidore to Spain

MLS has announced that Pat Phelan, the 10th overall selection in this year's Superdraft, HAS BEEN TRADED FROM TORONTO FC TO NEW ENGLAND.

In return TFC will get to borrow one of the Rev's 8 foreign player spots for a couple of years, which they wanted so that they could move New Zealander Jerrod Smith up from the developmental roster.

All in all, it doesn't seem like much of a price to pay for a prospect as highly regarded as Phelan was going into the draft, but Mo doesn't seem terribly interested in building through the draft while Steve Nichol keeps coming up with solid kids that take him deep into the playoffs.

And Nichol does seem to love those Wake Forest guys.

Pat Walsh over at writes that MLS NEEDS A FEW MORE TOUGH GUYS on the field.

I'm loath to recommend that MLS go the way of Roller Derby (and calling Jesse Marsch a "jammer" might get you a punch in the mouth) but he may have a point.

Does anyone know what Dave Semenko is doing these days? Judging by what MLS teams are doing to Robbie Rogers week in and week out a guy like him might the kid's only hope to end the season upright.

Meanwhile The New York Times ("all the news that fits") has just moved a story that NYRB STRIKER JOZY ALTIDORE HAS BEEN SOLD to Villarreal of the Spanish First Division.

Of course this deal has been much talked about but reportedly the deal is now done.

Terms have not been announced, although MLS was previously asking a reported US$10 million for the rising star.

And since no day would be complete without me saying something that will offend our Frozen Brothers Up North, ANDREA CANALES IS REPORTING that Canadian International Tomasz Radszinski would like to continue his soccer career in Canada, preferably for TFC.

Unfortunately, he says that he can't play in Toronto because he feels the PlastiRock Brand Turf© that they play on in BEEMO Field would damage his knees.

Shooting the messenger isn't going to fix this, guys.