The Line

I just can't seem to break out of .500 mode this season. Bouncing back and forth between perfection and disaster has been replaced with being saved by draws.

I could sure use a breakout week to get ahead of the game again but, unfortunately, this doesn't look like the week to do it.

Here are the best available odds for each game and pick, from the good folks at ISFA who still, somewhat disturbingly, think four of these games are on Sunday, call NY the Metrostars, refer to Dallas as the "Burns" and haven't gotten the memo that Houston is not now and barely ever was "1836".

Toronto - Los Angeles 2.44/3.42/3.35

Houston - New York 2.16/3/70/4.75

Salt Lake City - San Jose 1.85/3.90/4.75

Los Angeles II - Columbus 2.36/3.70/3.15

Denver - Dallas 2.10/3.60/3.90

Ruud Gullit is offended by the notion that the Galaxy without Beckham and Donovan can't score goals. I'm not certain why, exactly since, if they're not way better than the guys who are behind them then why do they get all that money? In any case, with Beckham in T&T groveling for Jack Warner and with Donovan and Xavier refusing to play on the BEEMO PlastiRock© brand turf, they're going to be a little short handed. On the other hand, Dichio is nursing a hammie and maybe he'll decide to cut it a break and sit this one out too. In the meantime, take Toronto at what would seem a very generous 2.44.

I'm not sure how you can pick against Houston today, but we both know one of these games Altidore and Angel are going to go on a tear, and if the beat down the Fire laid on NYRB last week isn't enough to fire them up then maybe it's time to write them off: let's go East-beats-West @ 4.75 for the long odds pick o' the day.

Then we get to the "Basement Bowl" which, for some reason, has The Royals as a huge favorite over Sad Jose perhaps because, frankly, if Jason Kreis can't win this one he may find himself picking the kids up after school a lot more often. I'm guessing you take the home team @ 1.85 and wonder why they're being so stingy about it.

The Crew is way out West and form would tell you to take East/West over home team simply because that's been the form much of the season. I'm a lot more interested in whether Padula is back healthy so that Ezra takes a seat again, but Chivas, despite some recent signs of life, has so many players out injured that it's tough to say what they'll do. Tempted to pass, but I'm gonna take a shot on a draw @ 3.70.

Finally, no point in pushing my luck so I'll play it safe and go with the Raps @ 2.10. I've always liked the "Burns" but at the moment I think it's a team suffering from the proverbial "disarray" and I'm not going to tempt fate.