Power Picks! Week 10 - Early Father's Day?

I suppose so - because so far, the week has been disappointing ties. I amuse myself mightily. Dallas and DC, teams that last week had flies buzzing around their eyeballs, nearly came roaring back with important wins at home in front of hated division rivals...then everything went black. Let's see what the weekend looks like.

Home pick: Tronno
East/West pick: Tronno
Power Pick!: LA

The last time these two teams met, the Galaxy gagged like pigs. The Galaxy are cautiously optimistic that their defense has improved since then, and the Tories seem to have lost a little confidence in their offense, if one assumes their courting of Brian McBride is sincere and not designed to drive up the price from the Fire. I mean, they have Jeff Cunningham sitting around doing nothing. The Red Squirrels' next loss at home will be their first. While that doesn't preclude a draw, a lot will depend on whether Donovan was injured for the England game, or "injured" for the England game. I think the Mounties win this one ugly, 1-0.

Home pick: Houston
East/West pick: NY
Power Pick!: New York

Three teams have yet to lose at home, and all three play at home this week, making these picks a tiny bit easier. TFC is one, Houston is another. (Although, up until last week New York was one as well, and that faw down and go boom.) Both teams had difficult losses last week, but the Dynamo seem to be heading in the right direction, and the Red Bulls do not seem. Yes, San Jose is not as good a team as Chicago, but Houston lost at home, and the Bulls laid an egg at home. The only bright spots for New York this year are Angel and Altidore, so it won't be a shutout - but who can New York stop? Houston, 3-1.

Home pick: Royals
East/West pick: N/A
Power Pick!: Royals

Yes, Salt Lake is the other team that hasn't lost at home yet. They won't lose at home this week, either. Sure, San Jose has "We're better than you think we are" written all over them. But not in very large letters. RSL is better than you think they are, too. Yes, this is a battle for last place, but this will be a better game than you think it will be, too. RSL, 2-1.

Home pick: CUSA
East/West pick: Crew
Power Pick!: CUSA

Well, the Power Pick! still loves CUSA, and it was correct last week. But still, the Goats are running on fumes right now. The Crew also had a previously unblemished home record, er, blemished last week, and I think they'll react the way Xerxes did in "300" when the spear grazed his cheek. Now, whether that's with deep, open-mouthed shock, or by overwhelming manpower superiority brutally crushing the outnumbered foe, I can't quite say yet. This looks like a sucker bet, but there's just no freaking way CUSA is stopping Schelotto tomorrow night, no way in the world. Crew, 2-0.

Home pick: Raps
East/West pick: N/A
Power Pick!: Raps

Telefutura has a Points Giveaway Fiesta! this Sunday afternoon. Dallas handed over not one but two points already this week, while last week Colorado handed over not one not two but three points. They will rue the day, I tell you. Rue. The Rapids have been playing better than Dallas, but I'm getting a big old 1-1 vibe on this game, so I'll go with that.

(RIP Hedley Lamarr)