The Brits Weren't Too Happy About It Either

It was of course entirely predictable that US fans would be a bit peevish after their teams' anemic performance against England yesterday.

Particularly considering that what Bob Bradley sent out there was pretty much the best we have to offer - minus Landon of course - it startled some people to see how toothless we truly looked.


They too sent out pretty much the best they have to offer and while they clearly outclassed the US, it wasn't exactly the kind of brilliant performance which will carry them to international glory in 2010.

As The Mirror put it, "it was dull and uninspiring fare against a dull and uninspiring USA side."

Part of this they attribute to the fact that only 170 of the 498 players who started Premiership games over the past season were English - 34.1 per cent.

And judging by the money flow, unless Sepp Blatter manages to somehow impose his "6+5" rule on world club football, it will only get worse:

As THIS EYE-OPENING ARTICLE ATTESTS total wages for the EPL last season topped £One Billion and, even more startlingly, is likely to double in the next few years as the cash from the new TV deal goes into full flow.

That kind of money will allow Premiership sides to buy up pretty much whomever they wish from wherever they want. And if British players aren't able to compete, then they'll find themselves in Sweden and Hong Kong.

Speaking of our Benevolent Master Sepp Blatter, his rousing speech to open the FIFA Congress today in Sydney gave no hint that he intends to back down on his "6+5" proposal.

He insists that because the rule would only affect who a team starts and not who it signs it is not in violation of EU laws. The EU of course has expressed an entirely different view.

In a piece of good news for all concerned, after an personal appeal from the Australian PM BLATTER HAS "TEMPORARILY LIFTED THE BAN ON IRAQ, allowing Sunday's freindly in Brisbane to go on as scheduled.

The Socceroos stood to lose several million dollars if the match was canceled and Seppp was convinced to back off for now. The issue is however far from settled.

Closer to home Oguchi Onyewu's old friend Jared Borgetti says that THIS IS THE WRONG TIME FOR MEXICO TO HIRE SVEN GOREN ERIKSON to manage the Tri.

He doesn't explain when "the right time" might be, but he does say that to be effective a coach has to understand the intricacies of competing in CONCACAF.

He's likely referring to playing the other teams and not kissing up to Jack Warner, which is another thing SGE would have to learn.

And up North they've finally noticed the BEEMO Field, which was supposed to serve as Canada's Wembley IS FALLING A BIT SHORT OF THAT GOAL

With the Candaian National team refusing to play on the shredded plastic pitch, the field which the government wanted to serve more than just soccer purposes "isn't good enough for Canada's national soccer team, (but) is perfect for the Toronto Ultimate Frisbee League."

Well, we're certainly glad it''s good for something

Finally the new $10 million sponsorship deal the as-yet-unblooded Seattle Sounders signed with Microsoft to promote their X BOX console serves to remind one of the last "record breaking" deal A GAME CONSOLE MAKER PUT THEIR PRODUCT ON A UNIFORM

I certainly hope it's not an omen; I still have a Dreamcast around here someplace, which is now suitable for use as a paperweight. I'd hate to see the X BOX end up in the same boat.