Yes, we have no bananas

Bill Archer is begging and pleading for people to drop this stupid subject, so I apologize to him in advance.

I think the mistake I made was reading all the reports - Steven Goff, MLS Tumors, Crew fans' responses, other fans' theories, the MLS press release, the Crew press release - before actually watching the video.

Although, maybe in retrospect it wasn't a mistake. Maybe that gave me the clarity and perspective I needed. In any case, here's my reaction, verbatim, to when I finally saw the infamous video:

ONE freaking guy! Jesus H. Christ and his fat brother'd think Crew fans were re-enacting "Springtime for Hitler" based on what I read yesterday.

Find the dumbass, ban the dumbass for life, problem freaking solved.

This is simply the updated version of this, except the douche in question filmed himself doing it. Rapids fans weren't pilloried for this one guy being a urethra, and neither should Crew fans.

Of course, the other difference is that this is the post-Beckham era, so we have maggots like Dougie Brimson pretending this is a sign of league-wide hooliganism. I don't know where he was in 2001 - learning to read, probably.

And don't you think we should be letting the Crew and MLS deal with this, like they say they're going to? What did you think was going to happen within 24 hours? I'm glad they're out in front of this, but a baseball or football team or league wouldn't have had to. It's because of the reputation the sport has, thanks largely to slime like Brimson, that the Crew and MLS do have to - which gives yahoos a chance to cry wolf. They think they're helping, but they're not.

Because this is not a league-wide issue. (I'm not entirely sure that the league wasn't referring to the crap being thrown on the field, and not the racist 'tuber, in their press release. The two issues have become combined by the hysterical, which, unsurprisingly, doesn't help anyone. Why, it's almost as if some people are more interested in generating heat than light.)

Here's the other thing that annoys me about the reaction. I think there is a problem supporters group right now, I think there's a problem front office that enables them. Now, said front office seems to be facing that situation, so I don't know yet how that's going to shake out. It's only fair to see what happens, since jumping in from an outsider point of view would almost certainly do more harm than good. Even though that means I've let bottom-feeders like Brimson, Luis Bueno and MLS Tumors have the story to themselves - and surprise! they've been intercoursing it up. And when I finally do comment on the story, I'll be compared with MLS Tumors, even though I'm actually taking the time to see what happens instead of trolling for cheap heat.

Maybe I'd be in a better mood about this if the Galaxy didn't gag in the Open Cup play-in, but I doubt it.