Welcome, baby, welcome - Referee review, week 8

"More entertaining, less stoppages, and more flow." This was how Brian Hall described week 8's action, and he's INSANE. Al joins Paul and Brian this week. He's not saying a heck of a lot, though.

I've been waiting for this podcast, because this was the week of Toronto-Columbus, and John Carver's postgame meltdown. The written Talmud version isn't up yet, sadly.

First topic - the refs applaud the AR for calling a penalty in Salt Lake-Colorado. Then - the ref called advantage in the Kansas City game, good for him.

Oh, right, the serious Serioux foul on Beckham. Okay, a lot of this is the Gospel of the Freaking Obvious - was there any controversy about this red card? It was nearly an international scandal. Although I do like how Paul made sure to call him "the Galaxy player." No mention of the wave and blowing kisses.

Offside decisions - oh, here's where Alfred comes in. The early NY-KC decision. The refs still like their scoring opportunities. Okay, but this was a good call, not controversial. Angel was behind the ball. No one's arguing that this particular rule should be revised, no one's saying afterwards this was a bad call...okay, I guess it's useful. I'm just impatient for them to address Carver, and I don't think they're gonna. They've only got a couple minutes left.

DISSENT! "We see it creeping back more and more as the games progress," starts Paul promisingly...and then goes into delaying restarts. Okay, yeah, I hate it when teams do that, and I think it deserves the death penalty....but John Carver went off on you guys, on a topic you had spent months beating into the ground! Call him out! Nothing doing. What is this, a tool for educating referees and fans?

Okay, well, they're in a fool's paradise as far as the quality of games. It's demolition derby out there between the boxes, and pointedly ignoring the big topics of the week brought up extremely loudly by coaches, players and fans isn't helping anyone. Carver's complaining about diving - address that! Schelotto is complaining about hacking (so am I, but my opinion don't cut no ice 'round these parts) - address that! The Trillium Cup was a ponderous blob that would have bored a sundial, something directly the result of refereeing decisions made at the top - and we're ignoring this? Come on, boys, you can do better than this. Thumbs down.