You win this round, common sense

Crew v. Revolution
East/West pick: N/A
Home pick: Crew
Power Pick! New England

Well. The Power Rankings! get a real test in the big showdown game of the day. I want to cheap it out and predict a tie. I want to stick up for the Power Rankings!, too. And, I think Columbus has been sufficiently annoyed and insulted at the Toronto game and aftermath that they have something to prove - and not just to a plastic pencil cup. On the other hand, New England is still missing Twellman, but that's all they're missing now - according to their injury report, they've finally healed up, and can start on that run people like me have been predicting. Boy, cheaping it out looks like a great idea. Nobody gets on your case when you predict a tie and it doesn't come true. 1-1.

DC United v. Toronto
East/West pick: N/A
Home pick: DC
Power Pick! Toronto

I'm not sold on Toronto this year, either, and DC's a lot more talented than their record. But DC's still at the "wandering around finding firewood" stage of the Viking funeral. Toronto, 4-0.

FC Dallas v. Real Salt Lake
East/West pick: N/A
Home pick: FCD
Power Pick! Royals

Usually teams win under "new" coaches, and maybe Morrow was the problem. Salt Lake has gotten a point on the road as often as DC United, and Dallas has a LOT of pride to win back. So when I make this pick, keep in mind I do understand how stupid it is. Want a real solid bet? Jason Kreis will get the biggest cheers of the night. RSL, 3-1.

Colorado v. Chivas USA
East/West pick: N/A
Home pick: Rapids
Power Pick! CUSA

The Power Rankings! are high. Yeah, Bizarro Chivas had that "historic" come from behind victory - against a team that, to be generous, quit at halftime. Every time a team in LA wins a game, they act like they've just been inducted into the Hall of Fame. This is the world capital of believing your own press releases, and trust me, the soccer teams down here exemplify that. Beating a horrible team only at home only makes you equal to or greater than horrible. I think Colorado's a fraud to a big extent, but this one will be pretty simple. 2-0, Rapids.

Los Angeles v. Kansas City
East/West pick: Kansas City
Home pick: Galaxy
Power Pick! Galaxy

See, this is another one. Huge win, call-ups, media adoration - go ahead, tell the Galaxy they haven't accomplished anything yet, see if they listen. At least Los Angeles is at home. With so many KC SoCal guys making homecomings - Conrad, Gato and Sasha leap to mind - Kansas City usually tries to get up for this game, but they lost this fixture last year. That said, Claudio Lopez against Abel Xavier? Yikes. Wizards, 4-3.

New York v. Chicago
East/West pick: N/A
Home pick: Red Bulls
Power Pick! Chicago

I think the Power Pick! got this one right, if only because the Fire really, really want to stick it to Juan Carlos Osorio. And it's not like any two Eastern Conference teams like each other to begin with. Chicago ugly, 2-1. Unless, of course, the Fire start Conde, in which case, New York by four own goals.

Last week, the Power Picks! were 3-2-2, and so far this week, they're 1-1. Stupid bell curve.