Friday Follies: Did Terry Spit on Tevez?

It certainly appears that way at about 0:14 of this clip:


"The Soul of Chelsea" indeed.

England - T&T update:

This match is now being universally acknowledged as nothing but an open bribe being paid to Jack Warner in return for his backing in the FA's quest to land WC2018.

What's even worse is that the British press and the FA don't seem particularly embarrassed about handing Warner a bribe; THEIR MAIN CONCERN IS THAT THE BRIBE IS A BIT TOO BIG, which means that they'll lose money.

The FA is not covering themselves in glory during this campaign: the Hargitay hiring, which has since blown up in their faces, and now this.

Meanwhile, no word from Sunil Gulati on how he feels about the President of his own region openly selling his WC backing to the highest bidder.

They're going to continue meeting today in Port of Spain to try and resolve the stadium impasse which - here's a shock - IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

In a nutshell, in the past TTFF has paid the country's Sport's Ministry $5000 to rent Hasely Crawford Stadium for big matches. This time, Minister Gary Hunt wants $200,000, a much more normal charge for a match of this kind, but which will cut deeply into Warner's profit margin.

The problem of course is that TTFF always steals all the money and the country's development program gets nothing, so the sports ministry has combined with the national team players to build a development program on their own and they would like to use some of the money from this game for something other than Warner's retirement fund.

And from The Department of the Seriously Drug Addled comes late word from highly reliable source Diego Maradona that ITALY TRIED TO FIX THE 1990 WORLD CUP

My favorite line:

“The Italians were all disappointed when they were eliminated by Argentina because Matarrese, who like Sepp Blatter is a mafioso, had already tried to fix an Italy – Germany final," said Maradona.

“They were so annoyed they accused myself and Claudio Canniggia of doping, but has an Italian player never taken an asprin before? “

I have no earthly idea whether the charge is true or not, but one thing I do know: I'd have to hear it from a much more reliable source than Maradona to start believing it.