Warner Escapes from China only to face Possible Cancellation of the England/T&T Friendly

I was on the road again yesterday and so only had time to post the delightful tale of Jack and the Missing $28 million (generously forwarded by Untroubled by Reason) without much comment, which would certainly have centered around the fact that since the TTFF is reportedly flat broke at the moment, what happened to all that cash they picked up less than two years ago?

But since I've been meaning to follow up with Jack's life of fun, adventure and graft anyway, this is as good a time as any.

As you may recall, WHEN WE LEFT JACK WARNER A WEEK AGO he was sitting on a suitcase in an earthquake refugee camp in China, desperately trying to get someone to come and get him out.

A FIFA Vice President immediately sent his private plane (they all seem to have private planes, don't they? Why is that I wonder?) which swooped into a remote Chinese airport and got Jack into the air just 15 minutes before the airport itself was completely destroyed by an aftershock.

Is this a great story or what?

The really fascinating thing is that when the plane taxied to a stop and threw open it's door, Jack scurried aboard along with fellow FIFA poohbah Mohamed Bin Hammam, who was also part of the official delegation.

Then a third person climbed in just before they slammed the door shut and the pilot hit the gas in a race to get air born before the airport ceased to exist:

That person was Peter Hargitay.

Yes, Peter Hargitay, noted international fixer who got Union Carbide off the hook for killing thousands in Bhopal, the same Peter Hargitay who saved Clinton pal Marc Rich from going to prison for illegally shipping millions of gallons of oil past an international embargo into apartheid South Africa, the same Peter Hargitay whose business card used to read "Special Advisor to Sepp Blatter".

Also the same Peter Hargitay who is head of an international spook, spy, sabotage and thug firm in Switzerland and the guy the FA hired to get them the 2018 World Cup.

You gotta admit - the man gets around.

So the question is: what the hell was he doing there?

Particularly since Hargitay has another problem: in the wake of Andrew Jennings widely published report on just what kind of criminal embarrassment the FA had hired - for millions of pounds - to get them the WC bid, a red-faced FA has, apparently, fired him.

Hargitay is furious, claiming that his secretive Swiss agency, ECN, has a long term contract which runs through the entire bidding process.


Hargitay is threatening to sue and also to go to work for one of England's competitors, such as Russia, which has no scruples whatever about hiring a thug like Hargitay. Triesman flew to Zurich last week "to discuss Hargitay" with Blatter and, presumably, got permission to axe him in the face of ugly international publicity.

The FA MAY END UP HAVING TO BUY HARGITAY OUT for some absurd amount of money, but apparently his days of representing England are over.

MEANWHILE, his plane-ride-buddy Jack Warner has other problems.

On the heels of the arbitration ruling in favor of the T&T players, it now appears that THE ENGLAND T&T MATCH MAY BE IN JEOPARDY OF CANCELLATION

The match, which was never anything but a bald-faced bribe to Jack Warner in order to get his support for the England WC bid, is in trouble because the T&T Sports Minister is refusing to allow Warner to run off with all the money. He's demanding the right to review the contracts, the advertising deals and to know where the proceeds are going.

Jack Warner is purple with outrage. The Minister has already gotten together with the T&T Players Association to plan and fund the future of soccer development in the country, and now he's trying to stick a finger in Jack's Golden Calf.

It's a tough time for Jack Warner, but somehow you just know he'll come out on top. Like cockroaches after a nuclear holocaust, guys like him are impossible to kill off.