"Come Dressed as Empty Seats Night" a Huge Success in Toronto

"The Top Professional Soccer League in North America" held a match in Toronto, Canada last night and, once again, the Greatest Soccer Fans in the League© showed us all the true meaning of the word "fan"

Despite miserable weather which made the Worst Soccer Pitch in the League© even more unplayable than usual, Dave Dichio provided us with proof that, whatever else he may be, he's not a rodeo pony.

Devon McTavish makes a couple feeble attempts at actually kicking the ball, fails miserably, and finally decides to hop on Dichio's back, whereupon Dichio makes him look like somebody's little sister somehow got on the field.

The wildly cheering seat-clad fans heartily approved. They weren't about to let a little drizzle keep them away from BEEMO on match night, no sirree.

As for McTavish, it appears that he needs to spend some time in the weight room. Or the Richmond Kickers. When you can't even effectively foul a guy, you may not be ready for prime time.

(Also, as a public service, this here post shows how to use the MLS Quick Kicks clips in BigSoccer posts. Took me a bit to get the hang of it, but you're all much smarter than I am. Well, except of course in San Jose)