Some People Are Just Gullible

A couple of times recently I've linked to LA Times soccer columnist Grahame Jones, and included what I considered appropriate comments regarding his sagacity. Whenever I've done this I've gotten one or two comments to the effect that Jones is a doddering idiot, which I confess I didn't understand.

I feel like I should go back and find those comments and send each poster an apology after READING TODAY'S COLUMN

Jones accepts every word John Carver says about his disagreement with MLS at face value. Without doing a single bit of inquiry or investigation, he lets Carvers "they sent the officials a DVD about me" hogwash and his "they don't want me to put my hands on my head" baloney stand as fact and uses these gross exaggerations as an excuse to lambaste the league for the quality of it's officiating and it's lack of excitement and "color".

I take a back seat to no one in my concern over the caliber of MLS refereeing, but his entire column is based on the theory that Carver is telling the truth and that MLS coaches aren't allowed to be demonstrative in any way, thus rendering the games "dull".

Well, Grahame, I've been to one or two MLS matches over the years and in my opinion MLS coaches are given as much leeway as managers in any other league around the world.

I'm sorry that in all the games you yourself have seen that the coaching staff spends the entire game sitting quietly on the bench, but at the ones I myself have attended that has not been the case.

Articles like this, which are completely disconnected from reality and are based solely on the wild exaggerations of one coach whose claims you made no effort whatever to verify are apparently what Jones' critics have been talking about.

For the record, I don't believe that many fans come to games with "watching the coach lose control of himself" as one of the featured attractions. Furthermore, I think most MLS coaches that I have seen have found ways to be as demonstrative as any situation allows without making fools of themselves.

If "lack of coaches going apeshit on the sidelines" is anything like a major problem with our league here in the US then let's just shut the thing down now. At least that way we won't be subjected to any more of Jones' delusional, baseless, completely research-free opinions.