Addition by subtraction

This isn't officially official yet, but according to Black Panther by way of View From the Couch who read it from Jeff Carlisle at Center Line Soccer, look out for a Western Conference shakeup.

And what is the reaction from Panther and Couch, two Rapidphile blogs, about their team trading two field players for a backup keeper? Deliriously happy.

The Quakes' Kei Kamara, as Carlisle points out, will be absent for similar reasons - how dare players put country over club? It's only the World Cup. Thank God our national team would never do this to MLS. In any case, Kamara's absence means Frank Yallop was willing to risk tinkering with the San Jose offensive juggernaut.

It's tempting to feel bad for Jovan "Jesus" Kirovski, one-time savior of American soccer, whose career path closely resembles the "agony of defeat" ski-jump guy from Jim McKay's old "Wide World of Sports" program. Except, I've seen his car. He may not be the richest former Manchester United youth player in MLS, but he sure doesn't need my sympathy.

So. Any good games today?

EDIT - Jeff had this up something like half hour before me. I would have been quicker, but I had to save the world four minutes ago.