HOT RUMOR! Is Morrow's job in jeopardy?

Hours too late, I come up with

The sun'll come out, Steve Morrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
He'll be done

Steve Morrow! Steve Morrow!
Gets fired tomorrow!
'Cause he ****ed up on Sunday!

Thank you, Andrea. Miss Andrea McArdle, ladies and gentlemen.

As the Northern Ireland era comes to a close in northern Texas, let's ponder the unsteady lives that professional coaches have chosen, and where FC Dallas should go from here. It's easy to say what they should do - get someone to put an end to the turmoil and turnover of the past few years. This franchise has never really recovered from having Johnson/Ruiz/O'Brien blow up in their collective faces.

It is almost never a mistake to fire a coach. The mistake is hiring the wrong person to replace him. If for some reason the Revolution were able to hire a better coach tomorrow, then they should fire Steve Nicol.

The tough part is telling who will end up being better. Last year, Preki and Tom Soehn ended up winning their conferences. Juan Carlos Osorio sure didn't seem as if he would leave Chicago in the lurch, and the Fire sure didn't act like they'd play better without him. Frank Yallop sure seemed like a good idea at the time for Los Angeles. Steve Sampson seemed like a horrible idea, and he was, but he won two trophies. Columbus and Colorado were ridiculously, laughably, wrong-headedly patient with their coaches, and it's...paying off? Is there anything more to this than pure voodoo?

As to the specific merits of this specific case...well, FC Dallas was on national television, in front of the biggest crowd they've had for a regular season game, one of the most heavily anticipated in franchise history. The three game losing streak before Sunday and the inconvenient flop out of first place didn't help, but you could make the case that, as far as selling tickets and promoting the team in Frisco, this was an elimination game. The gap between expectations and performance was so vast that, well, in retrospect it would have been more surprising if someone hadn't been fired.

Had Morrow beaten Houston in the playoffs last year, would he be employed today? Well, he didn't, and he isn't. It probably doesn't do much good to look over at Clavijo and Sigi and say "no fair," if only because Bruce Arena would be right there to agree with him, and then add "at least you got to start this season."

But, if Buzz Carrick is anything to go by, then they're not going to get the right guy...or if they do, they'll stumble into him the way Chicago did with Hamlett. Untracking FC Dallas is not a one year job. There have been too many crummy drafts, too many failed saviors, too many guys through the revolving door. There's not much in the cupboard, and asking someone to turn it around in a year is fantasizing.

I think Carrick may be pessimistic about Hunt Sports Group, if only because of the lesson currently being learned in Columbus. If whoever coaches the FC Dallas next gets some job security, he should take fellow HSG employee Sigi Schmid out to dinner. (And you can't do that on only one year's guaranteed salary. I almost didn't make that cheap fat joke. I'm certainly in no position to, physique-wise. But, like Stewie in Family Guy tripping Peter, it was so totally worth it.)