Beckham to Face MLS Discipline?

Sources in the UK are reporting today that Galaxy midfielder David Beckham MAY BE FACING SOME KIND OF LEAGUE SANCTION for his actions towards FC Dallas defender Adrian Serioux after the latter was sent off for a violent tackle Beckham felt "could have broken (his) leg"

In case you haven't seen the incident:


Beckham claims Serioux told him "Welcome to the MLS, baby" after the tackle, and Beckham blew Serioux a kiss as he was being sent off.

There's not much that I can find from this side of the Atlantic that confirms any kind of MLS discipline, and I'd be disappointed to find out that they've gotten that up-tight in New York.

Be that as it may, it seems to me that people forget Becks hasn't always been a fashion-model jet-setting international pretty boy. His father was a plumber and his mother cut hair and he grew up playing in the neighborhood like everybody else.

Furthermore, as we all know, he played in the Premiership for many years, and it ain't charm school. You don't survive for long if you can be intimidated by physical play, and the guy is neither fragile nor likely to back down from a challenge.

As for Seriuox, the betting window is open: I'm guessing $2000 and 2 games.