Uilio Avino (R)

No D in his game? No D in his name.

The Home Depot Center this week is celebrating one consecutive week of not being home to the biggest fustercluck in MLS. Perhaps we were misled by FCD staying in first place during a three game losing streak, but perhaps also we look at the roster and think "They can't be this bad." Losing at all this week was a bad idea, since everyone else in the division except Salty and Joe picked up all three points.

Now, I don't actually know how Clarence Goodson is doing these days. I don't get TeleNorwegia on my cable system, so as far as I'm concerned, when MLS players sign with some Scandinavia-based Scrabble row, I treat them like the Elves leaving Middle-Earth sailing into the misty West. For all I know, Goodson could be dating Queen Christina right now. But now that Davino has amply lived up to the grand Dallas tradition of Designated Players, I've got to think that someone on World Cup Way must be thinking "Maybe we should have let Clarence wet his beak a little." Edson Buddle is going to get Player of the Week, but that was the least impressive hat trick since Rocky and Bullwinkle.

I would like to correct a rumor that has been circulating - David Beckham has no plans at this time to run for mayor of Frisco.

Despite being called out by Eric B last week for my lack of knowledge on Ric Flair history, I will once again try a pro wrestling metaphor. Beckhamania won't last forever, any more than Hulkamania did...until Hulk Hogan became Hollywood Hogan. Once the high-pitched cheers on the road fade, Beckham can work on becoming the most hated man in American soccer, as well as the most famous. (He's got the perfect teammate to take pointers from. Every time I see one of those MLS human rights ads about the dignity of all people and the evils of discrimination, I expect the tag at the end to be "I'm Landon Donovan. Mexico sucks.")

While my fellow Galaxy fans practice that hilarious little wave that Beckham gave after the red card, I'll say that this was a blessing in disguise for Dallas. I've never thought highly of Adrian Serioux, and as far as I'm concerned the high point of his career was being subbed out for Stuart Holden in the 2006 MLS Cup. Maybe this is an opportunity for Steve Morrow to put in some guys who can actually cover somebody. Although knowing MLS, Serioux will play for another fifteen years and have his number retired.