Sit Your Butt Down, John Carver

(Title changed to make it more family-friendly)

I wish I had the time, the energy or the interest it would take to list all the Canadian media outlets who have been running poor, persecuted TFC coach John Carver's sad, sad tale of woe over the last 36 hours.

I don't think there's a major newspaper or small town rag from Moose Piss, Saskatchewan to Smelly Cheese, Quebec that hasn't prominently featured Carver's post game rant about how the fourth official in TFC's Saturday match against the Crew picked on him mercilessly. For all the whining and crying, you'd think Kevin Stott had beaten him up and taken his lunch money.

HERE, FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE, IS CARVER'S PERFORMANCE; make sure you have plenty of Kleenex handy, because it's a tear-jerker.

Wow! Carver says MLS "sent out a DVD about me". Boy, that's getting pretty serious. Sent out a DVD all about John Carver!

Well, no, actually they didn't.

As part of the weekly on line instructional reviews for referees (Dan often links to these) they accompnay some of the notes with brief illustrative video clips. Here, in it's entireity, is the "DVD they sent around" that he's so upset about; warning: look quickly:

That's it. Nine seconds (if you count generously) of a 24 second clip.

Oh the humanity.

In his little post game pity party he says that the problem is "we miss a shot, I put my hands on my head' and "we don't get a free kick, I put my hands on my head - that's why - they don't want that"

Well I've looked at the game clip several times, and I don't see him reacting to not getting a free kick by putting his hands on his head..

What I see is Carver on his feet, out of the technical area, screaming at the top of his lungs at the referee and the opposing coach.

That's not exactly the same thing. Fortunately for John, he can tell the assembled scribes anything he wants because they're sure never going to see the USSF/MLS video he's lying about.

And for the record, the clip was accompanied by this paragraph:

The coach is seemingly loud, demonstrative, and potentially having a not-so-friendly conversation with the opposing coach as well as the referee.

(Is there something there that is inaccurate?)

The fourth official is lending presence to the situation. However, the fourth official is not taking official action. Several similar clips can be made of this coach, in the same game, acting similarly and being dealt with by the fourth official. The referee team must be aware of the constant negative behavior throughout the game and take this into consideration.

I've read this numerous times and I'm having a rough go trying to find the "Persecute John Carver" instruction. Rather, it's using Carver's antics during the NYRB match as an example of unacceptable behavior.

Hey John, here's a tip: if you don't like being used in an instructional video as an example of bad behavior, then don't behave badly.

Carver has had a lot to say ever since about Barros-Schelotto and how shameful it is the way he works the officials. But since Carver himself is doing the exact same thing, I fail to see what his complaint is.