Hard to Go Back to Work After the Holiday Weekend

Everybody has a favorite holiday, one they look forward to every year.

For most kids, of course, it's Christmas: Santa coming down the chimney, sack of presents, holiday feast. For a lot of us grownups it's the Fourth of July, although Halloween has been catching up over the last decade or so.

For me, the yearly occasion I most look forward to is Edson Buddle Hat Trick Day.

I think what I love most is the part where the family gathers around the plasma widescreen whilethe senior member of the clan relates the magical, mystical tale of how Edson "My Father Named Me After Pele" Buddle, "The Man of a Thousand Uniforms" suddenly appears once a year on a soccer field somewhere in America, scores three goals in a single game, and then disappears completely for another year.

"But Grandpa," the little ones ask "Edson Buddle Hat Trick Day isn't marked on any calendar; how can we know when it is coming?"

And of course they hear the traditional response, the one that's been repeated down through the years since time immemorial: "When the team he's on gets tired of waiting for him to produce, watch closely for the signs that tell you his coach is ready to bench him in a search for some scoring; then and only then does EBHTD magically happen, thereby cementing Edson's spot in the lineup for the rest of the year and insuring that there will be another Edson Buddle Hat Trick Day next year.

Usually the littlest ones will quietly ask "Where does Edson Buddle go between EDHT Days?"

And answer is always the same:"No one really knows, kids. No one really knows"