The Early Line

So here we are in the middle of maybe the most formulaic, by-the-book, cut-and-dried results season in MLS history, and I'm getting killed.

Last week there were three East teams playing away in the West, and east/west is beating "home team" like a rented mule, but I went the other way and managed to louse it up and lose all three.

I did pick Houston to break their virgin and San Jose was very close to getting the draw with CBus which would have made everything right, but Houston paying 1.98 doesn't come close to getting me even on the three losses.

On the face of it, this week looks much simpler, and maybe I can start digging out of this hole. In the meantime, if a fat guy in see-through socks asks if you've seen me, tell him you heard I left the country. Thanks.

This weeks best available odds, as always courtesy
of ISFA:

Toronto-Columbus 2.68/3.50/2.76

New England - San Jose 1.70/3.95/6.00

New York - Kansas City 2.04/3.45/3.75

Chivas USA - District of Columbia 2.32/3.60/3.35

Dallas - Los Angeles 2.16/3.60/3.50

Chicago - Houston 2.30/3.50/3.60*

Every soccer writer in America is at his desk today, starting an article with "At the beginning of the MLS season, no one would have guessed that Columbus and Toronto would be two of the hottest teams in the league today", so I'm just going to say that nobody wins 6 straight but Toronto doesn't match up well with Columbus even at home, and take a draw @ 3.50.

San Jose traveling to New England? I'll take the short odds, thanks: NE @ 1.70.

And I'm going to stay with my preseason pick to win the East, even though they're starting to worry me: NYRB @ 2.04.

I really think DC is about due and would love to take them over a struggling Chivas. Oh hell, fine; DC @ 3.35.

Dallas hosting LA - something about this bothers me and I honestly think LA is better than they've shown, but particularly after that insane mid-week scrimmage in Vancouver I just don't see them beating Dallas in Frisco: Dallas @ 2.16.

Victory through vegetables.

*Dropped this one somehow. I knew there was another one I felt really good about, and that's it: Lock of the Week: Chicago @ 2.30