Clips in Search of a Theme

Like most of you, I had read about the violence which accompanied the UEFA Cup final yesterday and seen some video from a couple of broadcast sources SOME GOOD LINKS FROM THE BBC HERE but someone just sent me a link to a pretty frightening YouTube:


Ugly stuff. And regardless of the fact that it wasn't actually "English" fans doing the rioting, this kind of thing doesn't do much for the British bid for World Cup 2018 which is based on a "we don't have those kinds of problems any more" meme.

While we're doing the video thing (easier than doing the "thinking thing" or the "writing thing") there's this video from the 6-0 beat down of Canada's Women's team by the USWNT a couple days ago.

A couple of things really stand out: first, the ball movement and the crispness of the passing is really first rate, and the runs off the ball are superb. The goals were not the result of an American hitter bulldozing through a defender or sprinting past some cement-legged opponent, which was often how they won in the past. This is a lot like soccer.

Unfortunately, it also has to be noted that it appears that Canada couldn't find a goalkeeper and at the last minute had to simply put in a plank of wood painted to look like a person.


As long as it's apparently video day here I'll just toss this one out there, apropos of nothing:

Paolo Di Canio gave an entirely new meaning to the term "controversial". A wildy talented Italian who was capable of astonishing athletic feats on the field, interspersed with both some of the most churlish and some of the most sportsmanlike acts ever displayed, he has since managed to disgrace himself in most people's eyes with his refusal to disavow the facist Lazio Ultras.

This video shows his on-field best and worst, and stay around for the end when you'll see a still-legendary act of sportsmanship: