Old Man Borgetti Shows Young Chivas a Thing or Two...or Three

Ahhh.. the venerable number 58. A classic pillared striker -- one of the great headers in this league, or any other. Who would have thought, though, that it was his poaching that would doom the favored Guadalajara last night in a very festive Tecnológico last night?

Chivas, one of the youngest teams in the league, finished the season atop the league table and entered the Liguilla as the top seed. And things couldn't have started better for them, as Omar Bravo drew a penalty that was slotted home by Ramoncito Morales. Unfortunately, for Ramon, though, he got his name in the book for all the wrong reasons as he was questionably sent off after a 50/50 altercation with Luis Ernesto Perez.

I did not agree to the decision, considering that Ramoncito is just not that kind of player, but Perez, on the other hand, is always quick to make meals out of those situations. And he enjoyed his machaca, had a coke, flan, smoked a cigar, and got a lap dance from the ref.

Naturally a 10 man chivas changed the complexion of the game. The young chivas had their chance to hold a lead, but they could not.

Borgetti split the defense and beat the offside trap to get a ridiculously easy equalizer, and then Chupete Suazo was brought down in the corner of the box for a penalty in 1st half stoppage. The same Suazo put Monterrey ahead.

After that, it was all Borgetti. Borgetti is a world class header, but his poaching skills have always been underappreciated. He used those skills to notch his second goal 20 minutes into the second half, and completed his hat trick 5 minutes later. It was Borgetti's 4th playoff hat trick.

The older, more savvy Monterrey squad danced circles around Chivas, who were outclassed in every phase of the game. Monterrey scored 4 goals on a defense that only allowed 14 in the tournament. The only drawback for the Pandilla was the loss of the Chupete, who left the game with a tweaked hammy.

So what will happen in the return leg? We have to remember that it is Monterrey after all-- the perennial under-achievers. Will they have what it takes to stand up to the onslaught as chivas try to get the three goal difference they need to advance?

How will Chivas react with their heart and soul on the pitch? Will Omar Bravo play with purpose, or as an apparition? Will Chivas play like the team that showed so much poise during the local tourney, or the one that panicked in the Libertadores?

There is one thing they absolutely cannot do. Let Borgetti get another hat trick.