It's NOT My Party, and I'll Cry if I Want To

It's kind of like finding out that all the other kids got invitations to a cool party, and everyone is chatting excitedly about it but you're feeling pretty blue because you've finally had to come face-to-face with the stark realization that the cool kid doesn't like you.

That's how I felt when I read THIS STORY AT MLS RUMORS. I suddenly had to accept that, for some reason which escapes me, I'm not on the TFC fan mailing list.

And yet, as a certified blogging-type journalist, it's my duty to put my personal feelings aside and simply report the news, and save my disappointment for later, when I can cry my manly tears into a tall gin and tonic.

The gist of the email I didn't get is that TFC fans are organizing a protest of sorts in connection with the All Star Game. They are understandably upset at the prospect of the Ontarian Politicos hacking up BMO so that it can be used by the Toronto Argonauts for their bastardized version of American football (what the hell is a rouge anyway?).

But despite not including me in their little campaign I want them to know I'm on their side 110%. I do feel obligated to mention one thing though, and that's the graphic.

Several weeks ago I wrote about Canadian fans protesting against the incompetent, amateurish and counter-productive CSA at a Canadian Men's Team friendly, and I recalled the shirt they sold. I went back and looked again and, sure enough, the two pictures bear an uncanny resemblance.

I think it's simply amazing the way they seem to have found the exact same guy and gotten him to stand in the exact same spot for the second picture. Shows some real hard work and dedication going on up there, and I just want to say: Bravo! even if, apparently, I don't need to be checking my mailbox for the free t-shirt.

I guess though that I need to make my peace with our Labatt's guzzling brothers since apparently "Vancouver looks destined to become an MLS franchise" and "The Montreal Impact...are also expected to eventually join the MLS" so that "along with Toronto, it would give the league three Canadian franchises."

And since the Canadians have the future of "THE TOP SOCCER LEAGUE IN NORTH AMERICA" (sorry Mexico; what can I tell you?) all worked out, I guess it's pointless for me to fight it.