The Good, The Ugly and The Mouseketeers

It's just so easy, most of the time to sit back and be cynical and sarcastic and jaded about professional sport. Sometimes it seems like nothing much is as it seems, everything is for show, it's all about PR and media releases and carefully stage managed photo sessions and who's getting paid how much and how many tickets are being sold.

AND THEN YOU RUN ACROSS A STORY LIKE THIS that reminds you that, at it's base, it's about people. I've always said that I thought soccer had more than it's share of good guys; who knows whether that's true or whether I just know more soccer guys and see the good stuff some of them do.

But I think it's worth noting from time to time: some of them really are extraordinarily good people.

A while back I noted that self-promoting "making a career out of one-idea" photographer Spencer Tunick was looking for 2008 naked people to join him for a photo session in Austria as a sort of bareass promotional stunt for Euro 2008.

YESTERDAY WAS THE BIG DAY and despite my personal appeal to nudist soccer fans here in the US, he was apparently only able to assemble 1840 bare behinds.

Predictably, it seems from the photo that the majority of the volunteers are guys, which means that Tunick, even with this great gimmick of his, still doesn't have that much more success talking women out of their clothes than the rest of us do.

And maybe it's just me but if I were running Chivas USA, I'd think twice about HOLDING MY TEAM PHOTO SHOOT AT DISNEYLAND.

While I'm certain that the players all enjoyed the day immensely, the opportunity for guys like Dan Loney to start referring to them as "a Mickey Mouse Organization" should have given them ample cause to rethink the decision; perhaps the Mayflower Moving warehouse would be more appropriate.