KWHY is this game being played?

Nice to see the Galaxy have learned absolutely nothing.

There is nothing in that paragraph that doesn't depress the hell out of me.

Oh, I know why you have to schedule a friendly in Edmonton during the MLS season - because it gets too cold in the offseason, duh. And God knows, we have to do everything we can to promote the sport in northern Alberta. The demise of the Aviators has left all of us with a big void in our souls, and the sport has frankly been moribund in North America since then. (Relive the glory days here.)

There's been an awful lot of discussion about whether the Whitecaps could join the Sounders in MLS, so naturally you want to play this game five hundred miles away. Think I'm kidding? Much like Abel Xavier, not so fast.

The 'Caps site claims 30,000 tickets have already been sold, which should half-fill Commonwealth Stadium. (Is it too late to divert the flight to Kentucky, which isn't any more out of the way than Canada, and claim they got the wrong Commonwealth Stadium?) Since fans will pay in Canadian dollars, the Galaxy should make roughly $7 billion dollars thanks to the exchange rate.

Thirty thousand is also double the planned size of Waterfront Stadium, so it looks like the theoretical MLSCaps would be Western Canada's team. (I'm not an expert on intra-Canadian rivalries, asking Quebeckers and prairie fans to support a Toronto anything seems a lot to ask. As a child of the 70's, I remember the federation had certain fault lines, exemplified by the bumper sticker "Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark!")

I'm curious as to how Eighty-Sixers fans felt about this game, and about how British Columbia fans feel about going only an hour and a little bit to see important games. (Okay, so, Swangard Stadium is good enough for Roy Wegerle, but not for David Beckham? I see how it is.)

So this garbage game is telling us a lot about the planned course of Canadian soccer. That will be a big comfort to Galaxy fans watching our jet-lagged* team stumble around Pizza the Hutt Park Sunday afternoon.

*The jet lag where you're stuck in a plane for hours at a time, not the time zone adjustment. I mean, there's a reason teams from the East Coast had such trouble in the Home Depot Center last weekend OH GOD DAMN IT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN