Streamers of Consciousness

MLS Goal of the Week nominees:

Twellman's and Rogers's's were fine goals, but not the best of the week.
Cootiemac's for awesomeness. I don't like the guy, but I've got to give credit, that was even better than Beckham's last week.
Cooper's for unbelievability. His goal celebration should have been Pee-Wee Herman saying "I meant to do that."
Angel's, because his goal ate LA's balls. I was going to say for "pwnage," but if I'm going to dig up a played-out Internet joke I might as well go back to the real classics.


I've heard a rumor that the US Women's National Team not only still exists, but is playing games. I'm prepared to once again get excited about this team's chances - I mean, I'm pretty sure Pia has solved those pesky own goal problems that plagued us in September, right?

Throwing things at players is officially legal in MLS. Thanks, Don!

Oh, your words say no, but your eyes say yes. The clip you included ended with Claudio Reyna being doused with streamers...which didn't affect his safety, but unquestionably affected the game on the field. Otherwise, they wouldn't do it.

If you think this is a legitimate expression of home field advantage because it looks cool, then super. And yes, it's very, very funny. So was the Great Toronto Seat Cushion Throw. So was Van Den Bergh wearing a red streamer like a beauty pageant contestant. If you're in favor of all of these things, that's a perfectly fine position to hold. You just can't also say that it doesn't affect the game on the field.

No, we're not on a slippery slope to heated coins and darts and Molotov cocktails. That's not a productive argument, either. Streamers are harmless. But the opposing player has every right to wait until you run out of streamers before taking his kick, and watching Claudio Reyna standing around makes for Must Miss TV.

Actual press release:

Revs to host expansion San Jose Earthquakes for first time since 2005

I love this league.