Ramdom thoughts, rants, and accolades

It appears that SGE and Frank Rijkaard are 2 additional candidates to take ove the Tri. Given the choice, I would rather have Frank. In his short stint with Holland, they played with an identity, as did Barça when it was hitting. SGE never really got England into overdrive, and he had his chances in 3 major tournaments. I always thought England had more than enough to lift at least 1 trophy. They underachieved with Sven pushing the buttons. I don't think he fits as well as Frankie.

Mexico's mediocrity award, otherwise known as the Repechaje (wild card round) did not reward mediocrity, as both higher seeds advanced (thanks to the aggregate tie goes to the higher seed rule). I wish they would just do away with the whole playoff altogether. At the very least, have only 4 teams qualify, not 10.

Kudos to Javier Aguirre for qualifying the Colchoneros to next year's Champions League. It is the second such accomplishment for el Vasco. He did not get to lead Osasuna in the 2006 champions because he left them for Atletico. It is pretty safe to say that Aguirre is out of the running for the Tri. Better for him.

Club America is not looking to add the 3 players which they are allowed for the Libertadores. Luna has them playing well, so why mess up a good thing. They have a chance to avenge their ouster from last years Libertadores at the hands of Santos. Confidence is a very powerful weapon, and I think America knocks out another Brazilian giant. I can't say the same for Atlas, though. Boca doesn't have all those stars on their crest for decorative purposes.

Manchester City were obliterated 8-1 over the weekend. Did the players send a message to the ownership, the coach, or do they just suck?

Oft-ridiculed, but steadily improving Maza Rodriguez was transferred to Philips SV. Good for you Maza. If you can improve your one on one defending, you can be a beast.

The winds of change will be blowing for the majority of the Mexican imports this summer. Rafa, Gio, Vela, and Salcido look to be headed elsewhere.

Rafa and Gio don't appear to be in the plans of the new Barça kingpin, Pep Guardiola. I thought the Mexican media was bad, but the Catalan media are more vicious than the queen bee at the popular table. If the boys end up moving on, I hope Rafa goes to Italy, and Gio goes anywhere where he can be appreciated. He got a raw deal in Barça while playing on a bad wheel. Once he is fully recovered from his summer ankle surgery, I hope he makes the Barcelona brass regret letting him go.

As for the others, Carlos Salcido is all but certain to move on to Spain, Sevilla, perhaps? Vela looks to be finally joining Arsenal. The wild card, though, is Guardado, who has been linked to Barcelona, Milan, and Liverpool. Personally, I hope he stays 1 more year at Depor.

As far as Mexicans making their move across, there only appear to be 2 legitimate transfer opportunities (other than Maza, of course). Omar Bravo looks to finally be heading to Racing and FG Ochoa, who had a lackluster campaign, may be headed elsewhere. The rumors abound.

Mexico can really make a name for itself in the transfer market if they leverage their foreigners. Chupete Suazo and Giancarlo Maldonado are excellent players, and transferring these guys will go a long way to forging strong working relationships with European clubs.