If it's Monday, then there must be some MLS news

Well, another weekend, another complete shellacking of MLS West by MLS East, as New England made it a 3-0 weekend yesterday by sticking it to suddenly toothless Seedy Chivas, WHO ONLY MANAGED TO GET OFF THE SCHNIDE IN THE 93rd MINUTE with rookie Justin Braun's first professional goal.

Preki is blaming a shortage of healthy defenders for his teams woes, which may be so but which doesn't entirely account for the 200+ minute scoreless run which is at least partly responsible for the five game winless streak they're now mired in.

The Revolution win made the East's record 14-4-2 so far in 2008, and aside from Colorado's takedown of DCU a week or so ago you have to go back over a month, to April 12, to find the last time a team from the left coast beat a team from east of the Mississippi.

Maybe what's happening here is simply a naturally occurring solution to the "relegation/promotion" dilemma in the US and we should start referring to the last place or two in the East as the "drop zone".

One other note from the NE/Chivas match: Taylor Twellman made a triumphant return to the team, scoring a goal in his first game of the season after recovering from injury. He then promptly SUFFERED ANOTHER INJURY AND IS APPARENTLY HEADED BACK TO REHAB.

He says the tackle from Shavar Thomas which may have done the damage was a fair challenge, and we'll all have to take his word for it since MLS has banished the Sunday matches to Telefutura, meaning most of us had to mow the lawn or wash the car or take the old lady shopping instead of seeing it for ourselves.

Meanwhile, Torontonians can take their well-oiled persecution complex out for a stroll today as the official word seems to be that DAVID BECKHAM IS HEADED FOR A CALLUP for England in preparation for that country's matches against the US and T&T.

This news, meaning that Becks will once again miss his BMO field debut (which they accepted so gracefully last summer), comes hard on the heels of increased speculation about the Good Burghers of Toronto CONSIDERING MAKING TBMO THE OFFICIAL HOME OF THE CFL'S TORONTO ARGONAUTS.

This is doubly disappointing since despite having yet to appear at BMO, Becks and Co. will be APPEARING IN EDMONTON TOMORROW NIGHT to play in an absurd, pointless match against the USL Whitecaps.

Of course the Argos thing has been floating around for months now, but it seems to be gaining some momentum as the politicians, who are the ones responsible for insisting that the place install the awful plastic grass which every team that plays on it complains about, look for new and exciting ways to screw things up.

I know it's not like me to toss kind words TFC's way, but it's worth noting for the record that Toronto is the only city in North America which buys more season tickets for soccer than for football. They should consider sprucing up the frumpy, aging Rogers Center (nee Skydome) and leaving BMO the hell alone.

Speaking of Beckham (which we all do, way too much it seems) Mr. Spice says that he's "STARTING TO SEE IN THE MLS THERE ISN'T MUCH CONSISTENCY".

Welcome to the club, Dave. We're having jackets made.

Lastly a couple of updates:

First, with respect to yesterday's post and discussion about Robbie Rogers being cut from the U23 roster, Rogers himself says that

With all due respect to the several posters on the topic, it doesn't appear that Rogers himself feels that he was cut for being somehow unfit.

And from a kind correspondent comes, finally, the real deal: the original DC United logo:

League leaders quickly recognized the disadvantages of having Deutschland Uber Alles become the team song, so they ordered some changes.

Like I said, I don't make this stuff up. I report, you deride.